NouFam Summer Camp!

Despite the chaos, drama, and the adversity that is happening, our kids continue to find ways to uplift the atmosphere of the home. As a team, we’ve been brainstorming on what we can do for the community amidst the situation at hand. We decided to host NOUFAM’s first community summer camp for the surrounding neighborhoods! So far, we have 80 kids registered. Our camp will be ongoing for 6 weeks, starting July 11th. 


We’ve rented a nearby property to be able to host the camp and have hired outside hands to work alongside our staff as a means to create summer jobs for those in need. Here’s where you come in: 


This camp will cost us $6,500 to host. We are inviting you to participate in making a memorable summer experience not just for our kids, but for the community. They all need a sense of wonder at this time and we can’t wait to make this happen! The camp will consist of:


  • Fun, engaging activities
  • Soccer and basketball camp
  • Art classes
  • Bible lessons, as well as hygiene 
  • Meals are provided for all who attend


Join us as we invest into our Haitian community! For the last two years, we’ve had to pause our work with the village we’ve been involved with for the last 5 years, along with our vision trips. So you can imagine the excitement our staff and kids have as we plan to host this! 100% of donations that come in will go directly to this program. 




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