Anthony Charles

In 1989, Anthony was born in Cité Soleil, the biggest slum in the country located about 5 miles outside of Port-au-Prince. Born to mother Raymonde and father Berthony but raised by his grandmother, Tervilia. Growing up without his parents around made it difficult for Anthony to understand the concept of family until the tragic earthquake in 2010. “I realized the consequences that the earthquake had on families as it increased the number of orphans in our country. That’s when I finally realized that family is the primary source of happiness, joy, success and everything great behind one’s accomplishment.” Anthony holds a degree in Psychology and Linguistics from The State University of Haiti where no more than 1600 Haitians are accepted per year. Following his graduation, he worked as a Psychologist at Coeur De Jesus (the high school he graduated from) for 3 years. NOU FAM welcomed Anthony to in 2014 as our Executive Director and couldn’t operate today without him. “If there’s anything I would do to change the face of my country, it would be to systematically invest as much as possible in education and mentorship. To teach this generation and the upcoming generations how to believe in themselves and their country.” Anthony Charles

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